This page was created, by popular request, to illustrate the evolution of the German Shepherd and Fox Terrier breeds, and in particular the way their appearance has changed over the years. It was inspired by discussions with Peter van Arkel, of the Netherlands, who kindly supplied the illustrations, and with various participants in the Canine Structure and Canine Genetics lists, who urged me to make these images generally accessible.

The conformation of the German Shepherd dog has changed considerably between about 1900 and about 1970.

A similar drastic transformation has overcome the Fox Terrier in its evolution from a functional earth dog to a decorative appurtenance of dog shows. The pictures below cover the time span from 1866 to 1924. The original survives, practically unchanged, but under another name, as the Parson Russell Terrier.

The Dutch caption below reads:


in the male line. They allow the reader to see clearly the development and improvement of the breed."